John Riley  ‏(I1041)‏
Given Names: John
Surname: Riley

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: October 1894
Death: Yes
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Personal Facts and Details
Birth October 1894
Globally unique Identifier F48B7D8DEB42B94A49DB788537EEB395
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Immediate Family  (F399)
Rachal A. Boatright
1875 - 1911

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Close Relatives
Family with Rachal A. Boatright
John Riley ‎(I1041)‎
Birth October 1894
Death Yes
-20 years
Rachal A. Boatright ‎(I1040)‎
Birth 1 January 1875 28 26
Death 5 January 1911 ‏(Age 36)‏