Robert Webb  ‏(I262)‏
Given Names: Robert
Surname: Webb

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: Yes
Death: 1 December 1699 At Sea
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Personal Facts and Details
Death 1 December 1699 At Sea

Note: Ship "Canterbury" en-route to America
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Parents Family  (F115)
John Webb Sr
1661 - 1711
Ann Herrod
John Robert Webb Jr
1695 - 1774
Robert Webb
- 1699
Samuel Webb
Benjamin Webb
Susannah Webb

Immediate Family  (F146)
Elizabeth ‏(Family name unknown)‏
Mary Webb
- 1714


Sept. 9, 1699: Set sail from Cowes Isle of Wight, England for America aboard the ship Canterbury. Died aboard ship Dec. 1 and was buried the following Jan , according to Quaker accounts
Death Ship "Canterbury" en-route to America

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Family with Parents
John Webb Sr ‎(I187)‎
Birth 23 August 1661 Tetbury, County Gloucester, England
Death about 1711 ‏(Age 49)‏ Pennsylvania, USA
Ann Herrod ‎(I259)‎
Birth Yes
Death England
John Robert Webb Jr ‎(I181)‎
Birth about 1695 33 Liverpool, County Merseyside, England
Death 18 October 1774 ‏(Age 79)‏ Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA
Robert Webb ‎(I262)‎
Birth Yes
Death 1 December 1699 At Sea
Samuel Webb ‎(I266)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Benjamin Webb ‎(I260)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Susannah Webb ‎(I261)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Family with Elizabeth ‏(Family name unknown)‏
Robert Webb ‎(I262)‎
Birth Yes
Death 1 December 1699 At Sea
Mary Webb ‎(I282)‎
Birth Yes
Death 26 April 1714