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Families with surname ‏(Family name unknown)‏

FAMINDINameHUSB:GIVNAgeINDINameWIFE:GIVNAgeMarriageAnniversaryPlaceChildrenLast ChangeMARRDEATTREE
1F841GMI357GMArtrup, ColburtCOLBURT ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
2F637I527Bartlett, MinorMINOR ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
3F794I1099Bennett, James S.JAMES S. ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UNR
4F807I1128Beverly, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UNR
5F388I1012Boatright, Chesley John DCHESLEY JOHN D49I1061‏(Family name unknown)‏, MaryMARY 
117 0 YESY
6F355I895Boatright, DonaldDONALD I896‏(Family name unknown)‏, JoanneJOANNE      UN
7F350I881Boatright, EarlEARL I882‏(Family name unknown)‏, JackieJACKIE      UNL
8F764I966Boatright, JimmyJIMMY ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UN
9F737I879Boatright, John MackJOHN MACK27‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. 
18 July 1920
100 2 YES
10F400I1042Boatright, John MitchellJOHN MITCHELL I1043‏(Family name unknown)‏, NancyNANCY    0 UY
11F353I888Boatright, RobertROBERT I889‏(Family name unknown)‏, LisaLISA      UN
12F364I915Boatright, Roy TynanROY TYNAN I916‏(Family name unknown)‏, MelodyMELODY      U DIVN
13F315I803Boatright, Walter JuniorWALTER JUNIOR I805‏(Family name unknown)‏, Mary JeanMARY JEAN      UH
14F99I141Boyd, JamesJAMES ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    118 February 2010 - 10:38:26amUR
15F121I200Boyd, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    718 February 2010 - 2:04:20pmUR
16F137I243Brooks, AlbertALBERT I244‏(Family name unknown)‏, LucyLUCY    121 February 2010 - 3:47:24pmUY
17F139I256Brooks, BenjaminBENJAMIN ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    121 February 2010 - 4:02:02pmUR
18F135I624Brooks, Carl EdwardCARL EDWARD I238‏(Family name unknown)‏, MercedesMERCEDES      UH
19F319I985Bunting, Jack GJACK G I986‏(Family name unknown)‏, Shirley ASHIRLEY A      UNR
20F26I24Burkett, Gregory EarlGREGORY EARL I1019‏(Family name unknown)‏, JeanieJEANIE      U DIVNL
21F34I38Burkett, JasonJASON I1214‏(Family name unknown)‏, JaimeJAIME      UN
22F590I771Burkett, JesseJESSE ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
23F76I110Burkett, RoyROY I924‏(Family name unknown)‏, LouiseLOUISE      UNL
24F586I1584Burton, Narhaniel McDuffNARHANIEL MCDUFF I1583‏(Family name unknown)‏, AdaADA    6 UYR
25F209I622Calahan, EliELI ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
26F780I1113Carter, GeorgeGEORGE ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    10 UR
27F410I1102Carter, StephenSTEPHEN I1103‏(Family name unknown)‏, MarthaMARTHA    0 UY
28F310I789Carter, TimTIM I790‏(Family name unknown)‏, MaryMARY      UNL
29F515I1468Cole, James K.JAMES K. I1469‏(Family name unknown)‏, ShirleySHIRLEY      UN
30F516I1474Cole, Richard R.RICHARD R. I1475‏(Family name unknown)‏, JeanneJEANNE      UN
31F1064I2510Cooper, EdED I2513‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UNR
32F834GMI144GMCrabtree, William Sr.WILLIAM ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
33F833GMI135GMCrabtree, William Sr.WILLIAM ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
34F844GMI437GMCrow, ThomasTHOMAS ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
35F241I570Curtis, DanielDANIEL I1212‏(Family name unknown)‏, Mary JMARY J    13 September 2011 - 10:46:28amUYR
36F850GMI548GMDavis, Amos LAMOS L22‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. 
11 August 1867
153Wayne County 124 March 2012 - 4:05:05pmYES
37F234I677GMDavis, BenjaminBENJAMIN28‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. 
179 124 March 2012 - 4:05:05pmYESR
38F850I1317Dees, James AlfredJAMES ALFRED ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 U
39F638I539Donley, Clarence AlvinCLARENCE ALVIN ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UN
40F779I1027Durrance, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
41F778I1090Eason, GeorgeGEORGE ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
42F188I370Fife, JohnJOHN I371‏(Family name unknown)‏, HannahHANNAH50
26 February 1852
169Pike County 130 March 2010 - 9:09:52amYESY
43F845GMI456GMFoust, Benjamin F.BENJAMIN F. ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UNR
44F482I1351Fromhart, Lewis HunterLEWIS HUNTER I1352‏(Family name unknown)‏, DeborahDEBORAH      UNL
45F483I1353Fromhart, Mathew ClarkMATHEW CLARK I1354‏(Family name unknown)‏, Darlene SzmerDARLENE SZMER      UN
46F838GMI314Fuller, NehemiahNEHEMIAH ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 U
47F836GMI206GMFuller, Stephen Sr.STEPHEN ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
48F837GMI208GMFuller, UnknownUNKNOWN ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UNR
49F842GMI371GMFyfe, William Sr.WILLIAM ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 U
50F405I1157Googe, JohnJOHN I1158‏(Family name unknown)‏, SarahSARAH    1 UY
51F822I1161Googe, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
52F799I1109Harrison, RichardRICHARD ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UNR
53F830GMI642GMHaydon, JohnJOHN ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    3 U
54F829GMI18GMHayton, Arthur LloydARTHUR LLOYD ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UN
55F847GMI511GMHayton, Basil RobertsBASIL ROBERTS ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 U
56F849GMI513GMHayton, CharlesCHARLES ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 U
57F851GMI643GMHayton, HenryHENRY ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
58F835GMI147GMHayton, James MadisonJAMES MADISON ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 U
59F848GMI512GMHayton, James MelvinJAMES MELVIN ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 U
60F827GMI1382Hayton, Joseph MilroyJOSEPH MILROY ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    56 September 2011 - 10:22:27pmU
61F828GMI367Hayton, ThomasTHOMAS ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    6 U
62F317I971Helan, LeonardLEONARD I972‏(Family name unknown)‏, Mrytice EasonMRYTICE EASON    1 UYR
63F653I671Holmes, SamuelSAMUEL ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
64F467I1288Jagger, ArthurARTHUR I1290‏(Family name unknown)‏, WinnieWINNIE      UN
65F469I1291Jagger, RobertROBERT I1292‏(Family name unknown)‏, RosemaryROSEMARY      UN
66F827I1287Jagger, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    4 UR
67F831GMI64GMJamison, ThomasTHOMAS ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
68F142I253Jewett, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    121 February 2010 - 3:58:53pmUR
69F347I869Lamb, Timothy WallaceTIMOTHY WALLACE I870‏(Family name unknown)‏, ElizabethELIZABETH      UN
70F839GMI301GMLea, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 U
71F358I978Lee, Alfred EugeneALFRED EUGENE I979‏(Family name unknown)‏, RachaelRACHAEL    1 UYR
72F840GMI302GMLeigh, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
73F321I987Malires, WilliamWILLIAM I988‏(Family name unknown)‏, CleoCLEO      UNR
74F272I706Martin, Alexander Jr.ALEXANDER I750‏(Family name unknown)‏, PaulinePAULINE      UH
75F815I1143Mattox, Charles F.CHARLES F. ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UNR
76F812I1138Meeks, John A.JOHN A. ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UNR
77F478I1340Newcome, Frederick EllisFREDERICK ELLIS I1341‏(Family name unknown)‏, BarbaraBARBARA    03 September 2011 - 10:46:28amUY
78F491I1377Newcome, Robert DuaneROBERT DUANE I1383‏(Family name unknown)‏, KarenKAREN      UN
79F493I1379Newcome, TonyaTONYA I1380‏(Family name unknown)‏, HannahHANNAH      UNL
80F183I351Passmore, BenjaminBENJAMIN I357‏(Family name unknown)‏, JaneJANE    05 March 2010 - 5:58:01pmUY
81F182I345Passmore, John JJOHN J21I346‏(Family name unknown)‏, ElizabethELIZABETH12
189 95 March 2010 - 5:55:48pmYESYR
82F846GMI462GMPearson, PerryPERRY ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UNR
83F610I343Poe, AlexanderALEXANDER ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 U
84F78I354Poe, DavidDAVID I114‏(Family name unknown)‏, SarahSARAH 
  215 February 2010 - 8:42:52pmUYR
85F608I320Poe, SamuelSAMUEL ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    3 U
86F612I364Poe, StephenSTEPHEN ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    9 U
87F609I332Poe, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 U
88F607I312Poe, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    6 U
89F460I1262Ponchier, John C.JOHN C. I1263‏(Family name unknown)‏, Mary E.MARY E.    63 September 2011 - 10:46:28amUY
90F818I1149Riggins, BannerBANNER ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UNR
91F581I654Rinehart, Oliver N.OLIVER N. ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
92F606I665Ruble, JohnJOHN ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
93F843GMI509GMSanders, ThomasTHOMAS ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
94F588I1594Schroeder, Otto Robert JrOTTO ROBERT I1595‏(Family name unknown)‏, Luella AmandaLUELLA AMANDA 
  3 UYR
95F514I1465Spencer, DavidDAVID I1466‏(Family name unknown)‏, KathyKATHY      UNL
96F781I1030Steedley, William E.WILLIAM E. ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.      UNR
97F345I861Steven, MitchellMITCHELL I862‏(Family name unknown)‏, SheilaSHEILA      UN
98F80I117Stone, CharlieCHARLIE ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    117 February 2010 - 4:40:32pmUR
99F176I341Swails, Joseph JrJOSEPH ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    15 March 2010 - 5:03:37pmU
100F178I344Swails, Joseph SrJOSEPH ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    15 March 2010 - 5:06:20pmUR
101F175I330Swails, MorganMORGAN I333‏(Family name unknown)‏, MaryMARY    89 May 2010UY
102F174I731Swails, Sydney WSYDNEY W I327‏(Family name unknown)‏, JuliaJULIA    35 March 2010 - 4:30:04pmUY
103F832GMI133GMTompkins, WilliamWILLIAM ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
104F122I193Ward, BenjaminBENJAMIN I198‏(Family name unknown)‏, MissyMISSY    118 February 2010 - 1:49:40pmUY
105F152I277Webb, Judge GeorgeGEORGE19I278‏(Family name unknown)‏, HannahHANNAH 
30 June 1743
277 023 February 2010 - 4:47:28pmYESY
106F171I322Webb, Sir HenryHENRY ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    14 March 2010 - 6:02:27amUR
107F146I262Webb, RobertROBERT I281‏(Family name unknown)‏, ElizabethELIZABETH    123 February 2010 - 5:03:26pmUY
108F118I321Webb, UnknownUNKNOWN ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    24 March 2010 - 6:09:03amU
109F842I1314West, George CGEORGE C ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 UR
110F210I472White, ArthurARTHUR ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    10 U
111F208I469White, DrewDREW ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    5 U
112F207I467White, ElbertELBERT ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    5 U
113F211I474White, GrantGRANT ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    3 U
114F219I482White, HerbertHERBERT ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    3 U
115F853GMI383White, JamesJAMES ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    1 U
116F205I465White, JesseJESSE ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    8 U
117F214I476White, MartinMARTIN ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    3 U
118F852GMI668GMWhite, SylvesterSYLVESTER ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    2 U
119F300I777Whiting, RichardRICHARD I778‏(Family name unknown)‏, JoJO      UNR
120F103I152Wood, JohnJOHN I153‏(Family name unknown)‏, NellieNELLIE    118 February 2010 - 11:02:28amUY
121F124I1202Woods, James GreenJAMES GREEN ‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.    118 February 2010 - 7:33:03pmU
122F284I738‏(Family name unknown)‏, BennettBENNETT I727Swails, VirginiaVIRGINIA      UW
123F492I1381‏(Family name unknown)‏, ChuckCHUCK I1378Newcome, Lana SueLANA SUE      UNL
124F596I1605‏(Family name unknown)‏, EugenioEUGENIO I1327Cayubit, Rosita AtopROSITA ATOP      UNL
125F301I993‏(Family name unknown)‏, RobertROBERT I779Boatright, Jodi NicoleJODI NICOLE      U DIVNL
126F536‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I88Batson, MarionMARION    1 UR
127F351‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I883Boatright, MaggieMAGGIE    1 U
128F739‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I883Boatright, MaggieMAGGIE    1 U
129F649‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I616Clemm, MariaMARIA    2 U
130F1065‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I2517Cooper, Susan DawnSUSAN DAWN      UN
131F348‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I873Lamb, Donna MarieDONNA MARIE      UN
132F736‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I873Lamb, Donna MarieDONNA MARIE      UN
133F184‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I358Marion, Francis CarolineFRANCIS CAROLINE    25 March 2010 - 6:09:11pmUR
134F1057GM‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I664GMMary, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N.19
282 124 March 2012 - 4:05:05pmYESR
135F680‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I752Ormsby, NitaNITA      UNR
136F275‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I1825Passmore, Sarah CSARAH C51
123 16 March 2010 - 4:52:05pmYES
137F650‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I619Poe, Elizabeth CairnesELIZABETH CAIRNES    1 UR
138F639‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I541Porter, Helen GoodwinHELEN GOODWIN    1 UR
139F599‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I1186Severino, Florenda CayubitFLORENDA CAYUBIT    1 U
140F600‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I1183Severino, MarlynMARLYN      UN
141F1056GM‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I1260Smith, Birdie EthelBIRDIE ETHEL    4 U
142F1061‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I2507Weaver, Betty JaneBETTY JANE    125 January 2012 - 5:48:04pmU
143F614‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I1213‏(Family name unknown)‏, SarahSARAH    1 UR
144F614‏(Family name unknown)‏, ‏(Given name unknown)‏@P.N. I1213‏(Family name unknown)‏, SarahSARAH    1 UR
Given Names

Total families : 144
HUSB:GIVN Given Names